Day 3

We went out to do some dad’s work as quoted to me. I didn’t get into specifics as long as I was accompanying him. It was usual weekend afternoon ride songs, me talking nonsense and laughing, his whining over bus drivers, looking handsome just the normal everyday stuff. Coincidentally we had Starbucks on the way, […]

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Day 2

Early morning hustle to railway station. Not much of the bus commuter these days I keep getting confused with the numbers and route . Boarded 3 of them to reach Railway station to pick up someone. I didn’t expect I would reach this early. Public transport are efficient in some ways. Reached crowded, hot waiting […]

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Day 1

It all started like this. So many languages first moving around head. I needed to escape from this, Oh ya I was never a programming fan more of a hardcore work person. Ya still the languages howling around. I keep finding some escapes. This is one of them… My drawings My photographs .. Good night

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